Welcome to the first ever crypto-fiat platform

We are unique product All in e-wallet with 25 crypto, 22 fiat and 21 IBAN currencies


You as our White-lable Partner

-We concentrate on system being constantly improved while You concentrate on Your profits
-Hot wallets are accessed through Your website while we are invisible for Your end users
-Fee administration allowing to set any fees on top of our lowest wholesale ones keeping the price margin
-Customized API allowing to use all features of our system at Your website
-Your design at Your website for Your end users' wallets
-Independent and instant ability to change background, font, color, etc. for Your end users
-Independent admin panel for onboarding, approval or rejection each request through admin panel
-All our Teams (Technical, Customer support, Compliance, etc) at Your disposal
-Our cold storage space free of charge
-Cheap 1-day listing of Your token at all our Partners’ websites.

E-wallets for Your end users

-First truly crypto-fiat wallet featuring 25 crypto, 22 card and 5 IBAN currencies
-Cross-chain platform (ERC20, BEP20 BSC, TRC20 and others)
-Hot wallets free of charge, all costs on Fiatum
-Quick onboarding and approval through Basic status without documentation
-Higher limits for Standard and Premium status after an end user provided documents
-Ability to buy-sell crypto-crypto, crypto-fiat (card, IBAN) or fiat-fiat (card, IBAN)
-Real-time buy-sell rates taken from worldwide rates provider
-Connection to our support Team through live chats
-Humane, reasonable and direct compliance and fast-track response
-Listing of You tokens so that end users of all Partners see it
-Direct crypto-crypto exchange without OTC presuming lower costs
-Direct communication with our Trading Team concerning any investment
-3-factor authentication with highest level of security

Cards for Your end users

-Issuing Visa, Mastercard and Unionpay cards to Your end users worldwide
-Issuing debit, prepaid, virtual or business cards
-Very high limits up to 18M euro yearly on each debit card with Premium status
-Special clients can order custom-made cards (glass, diamond, gold, etc)
-Buy any crypto with bank card bearing Your design
-End users can instantly request a card through the E-wallet
-End users can top up or withdraw cash through ATM or through E-wallet

Alternative payment systems for Your end users

-Connection to Applepay, Googlepay and Samsungpay (coming soon)
-Acquiring service allowing to request a charge from end user's card at other bank
-Crypto processing allowing to request a charge from end user's outside crypto wallet (coming soon)
-Alipay, QR code payment, Amazon, etc. (coming soon)

IBAN's for Your end users

-Opening of a bank account on a request directly in a wallet system
-Segregated personal IBAN accounts on the name of each end user
-End users can receive and send payments via SWIFT, SEPA and CHAPS

Our Main Features

Easy Start

Our registration process is very easy
and requires minimum of your time
and documentation

Our services

Our cards and IBAN's are linked to your crypto wallets enabling fiat-crypto and crypto-fiat transactions

High security standards

Our platform and expert team are working
in synergy in order to prevent fraud


We provide our clients with 24/7 support
processing every case and solving
issues immediately

Functional administration

FIATUM provides clients with an access
to our functional administration panel

Constant growth

We are constantly adding new methods
to diversify payment opportunities
for your customers


Client-friendly design

For easy and comfortable work:

Quick payment initiation and processing
Real-time update (balance/exchange rate etc.)
Fair and transparent compliance

Why join us?

Quick & easy registration process
One questionnaire is enough to receive a limited access to the system
Fair & transparent fees
Our fees are below average market level and are subject to constant monitoring
24/7 helpline
We are always online to solve any issue & process any inquiry

Continuous Evolution

We are constantly improving quality of services provided as well as integrating new payment methods
Over 15 000
transactions in 2020
More than 100
More than 1000
payment accounts
More than 20 card
issuing partners

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