Welcome to the first ever crypto-fiat platform

We are unique product All in e-wallet with 25 crypto, 22 fiat and 21 IBAN currencies

We provide SWIFT and SEPA payments

Use Payment request, PayLink, PayButton and more
to accept remote payments. Helping business to achieve
ambitious goals

Our Main Features


Easily conduct payments outside of Europe through the SWIFT international payments network

Direct IBAN Accounts

We provide multicurrency IBAN accounts that make global payments easy

Take control of your payments

By opening an account with Fiatum, you keep control of your money and can access your account 24/7


Make payments within European countries quickly and safely


We are constantly adding new methods of payments to diversify payment opportunities for your customers

Currency Exchange

Use our currency exchange capabilities to exchange currencies right inside your account at good rates


Our direct payment accounts enable:

Access three main currencies (GBP, EUR, USD)
Access to other currencies through
different correspondent accounts
Partner APIs for payment processing

Client-friendly design

For easy and comfortable work:

Quick payment initiation and processing
Real-time update (balance/exchange rate etc.)
Fair and transparent compliance

Why join us?

Quick & easy registration process
One questionnaire is enough to receive a limited access to the system
Fair & transparent fees
Our fees are below average market level and are subject to constant monitoring
24/7 helpline
We are always online to solve any issue & process any inquiry

Continuous Evolution

We are constantly improving quality of services provided as well as integrating new payment methods
Over 15 000
transactions in 2020
More than 100
More than 1000
payment accounts
More than 20 card
issuing partners

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