Welcome to the first ever crypto-fiat platform

We are unique product All in e-wallet with 25 crypto, 22 fiat and 21 IBAN currencies

Unique crypto project

Along with fiat Fiatum offers a crypto solution for
business clients and physical traders ensured by most
modern technology. Helping business to achieve ambitious goals.

Our Main Features

Worldwide access

It's our pleasure to provide you the fastest and the most secure access to our services wherever you are

Interaction options

We use new financial technologies to maximize opportunities in the current financial markets


Maximum security have been targeted through implementing the most recent well-known methods in crypto


The profit of the project is guaranteed by the access to the investment funds and the physical growth of the volume of the project capitalization

Real business

Our project is based on the high-tech developments of our team and implies the real production of demanded end roducts and their implementation

Price Potential

Once our products updates get media attention, they will go viral, speed up mass adoption, increase its value and rive the price higher

Using crypto as a Currency

We provide more than just a crypto-based services because:

It's a manifestation of the people’s desire to pay with crypto
This is a legitimate challenge to prove
that people can use crypto as a medium of exchange
We combine crypto with physical experience to explore values of money

Client-friendly design

For easy and comfortable work:

Quick payment initiation and processing
Real-time update (balance/exchange rate etc.)
Fair and transparent compliance

Why join us?

Quick & easy registration process
One questionnaire is enough to receive a limited access to the system
Fair & transparent fees
Our fees are below average market level and are subject to constant monitoring
24/7 helpline
We are always online to solve any issue & process any inquiry

Continuous Evolution

We are constantly improving quality of services provided as well as integrating new payment methods
Over 15 000
transactions in 2020
More than 100
More than 1000
payment accounts
More than 20 card
issuing partners

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