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About us

Idea. In 2020 we found out that the digital world is in desperate need of a combined e-wallet consisting of all crypto currencies with the ability to exchange crypto-crypto and linked to a card and a crypto-financial account. As a result, we created the best digital crypto-financial platform which can be used by all people interested in crypto. We believe that we can fill in this empty niche in the industry with our top-notch product.

Competitors. There are only a few digital crypto-financial platforms at the moment. However, all of them use a third-party fiat solutions. We use our own fiat solution with lower fees and undisturbed reliable service. In fact, many of said competitors desire to obtain our services. But in any way, they can’t provide unique card design and e-wallet design for each of their user while we can. Speaking of their tokens, they are all increasing in value significantly and this makes our Team feel optimistic about the future of FIAT tokens.

Our income and stability. The first type of income is the white-label program given to the business partners which allows us to pay out the salaries, servers, office rent and all other operational expenses. The second type is e-wallet fees generating substantial profits for the founders. The third type is our FIAT tokens generating another substantial source of revenues which we are planning to set aside as our share capital and stable funds in case of any force majeure.

Offices. Right now, we have offices in London, Hong Kong, Vilnius and Moscow. Within the next months we plan to open new ones in Dubai, Miami, Toronto, Sydney, Sao Paolo, Istanbul and Delhi.

Licenses. We have the UK AEMI with Mastercard, UnionPay and Visa principal membership for issuing and acquiring as well as our own IBANs and SWIFT code. We have an Lithuanian digital exchange license allowing crypto exchange and crypto deposits. Additionally, we have a Cayman Islands financial license which can be used for asset management. Also, we have a Hong Kong license which can be used for exchange operations. Right now, we have applied for Canadian, Australian, Dubaian and Floridian licenses.

To learn more about FIATUM, please continue to our Whitepaper.

Milestones and Plans

We invested several millions USD of our own money in licenses, technologies and team. Issuing of the FIATUM Token will bring us more funds allowing us to further develop the product. For example, our next goal is to place 2 million USD into our Visa project in order to isue their cards. Another goal is to connect to ApplePay, GooglePay and SamsungPay.

We strongly believe that our token is highly safe and reliable instrument to invest. We are sure that its price will go up because it represents our crypto-fiat solution, another factor is that we will be listed on 2 renowned exchanges by the end of 2021. Our token will be a crucial payment means within our ecosystem which insures free and instant transfer of funds.

Our Main Features

Easy Start

Our registration process is very easy
and requires minimum of your time
and documentation

Our services

Our cards and IBAN's are linked to your crypto wallets enabling fiat-crypto and crypto-fiat transactions

High security standards

Our platform and expert team are working
in synergy in order to prevent fraud


We provide our clients with 24/7 support
processing every case and solving
issues immediately

Functional administration

FIATUM provides clients with an access
to our functional administration panel

Constant growth

We are constantly adding new methods
to diversify payment opportunities
for your customers

Fiatum is enterprise-grade fintech platform.
which leads the way to the future of digital
banking and cryptocurrencies

Fiatum Digital crypto-financial platform makes it possible for customers to finally be able to use cryptocurrencies to pay
for fiat-based goods immediately and with low transaction fees. Available on iOS and Android soon.
Helping business to achieve ambitious goals.

Our E-wallet

Connect to unique crypto card
and take advantage of all the features
First truly crypto-fiat wallet
featuring 25 crypto, 22 card
and 5 IBAN currencies
Quick onboarding and
approval for Basic status
with minimum documentation
Cross-chain platform
(ERC20, BEP20 BSC,
TRC20 and others)
Direct communication
with our Trading Team
concerning any investment
Buy-sell crypto-crypto,
crypto-fiat or fiat-fiat
Direct crypto-crypto
exchange without OTC
presuming lower costs
Humane, reasonable
and direct compliance
with fast-track response
Real-time buy-sell
rates from worldwide
rates provider


  • Issuing Mastercard cards worldwide (Visa and UnionPay coming soon)
  • Limits up to 18M USD yearly on each debit card with Premium status
  • You can top up or withdraw cash through ATM or through E-wallet
  • You can instantly request a card through the E-wallet
  • Custom-made cards for special clients (glass, gold)
  • Alternative payment systems (coming soon)
  • Buy any crypto with a Fiatum card


Our main idea and mission is to provide
crypto people with reliable, easy-to-use
and long-term crypto-fiat solutions.

Fiatum should become a full-fledged analogue of a regular, traditional bank, but tailored for the crypto economy. The services offered will be similar to those of ordinary financial institutions, namely, to store tokens in Fiatum, exchange them for fiat, use the instant transfer service, the lending service and the ability to open cards and IBAN’s. Everything is the same as in a regular bank, but without the time constraints of bureaucratic red tape, it takes only a few seconds to process a transaction. All in one wallet.

Key advantages: 1. AEMI UK and Lithuania licenses that allow it to legally operate crypto exchanges and fiat. 2. Principal membership of all three biggest card systems. 3. The ability to use 10+ fiat currencies. 4. The ability to work with more than 50 cryptocurrencies and stablecoins and quickly add new ones. 5. Our customers are both end users and businesses. 6. The ability to open IBAN accounts and make SEPA and SWIFT transfers.

The platform will support almost all types of altcoins. The user will be able to exchange tokens for fiat and withdraw them in a few seconds

From the point of view of e-commerce, crypto-exchanges and other payment points, it will be possible to pay with cryptocurrency using FIATUM. If necessary, your crypto is automatically converted into any supported currency, whether it is a regular fiat currency or a cryptocurrency. FIATUM adheres to the KYC (Know Your Customer) policy. For our B2B clients, there is no need for them to undertake these essential procedures as we take care of it. We have the qualified personnel and the necessary resources.

The internal FIAT token is the basis of all transactions as a gas within the system, it is needed for the transaction to take place. The dev team used this approach to encourage platform users to buy tokens, store them, actively use them and attract new customers to the project.

The total number of tokens is limited to 100,000,000 and only 6 million will be circulated. At the first stage, our tokens will be released on the BSC network. In the future, we plan to release tokens on other networks that will speed up and reduce the cost of transactions.

The work is implemented in such a way that the number of coins will constantly decrease. A commission of 0.5% of its volume in FIAT tokens is taken from each transaction and burned. As the popularity of the cryptocurrency grows, its number will decrease, which will be an additional incentive for the growth of the token rate.

Currency exchange
EUR, GBP, USD & other
Compliance with worldwide and local legislation
Most modern technological stack


Bank accounts solution
Apple application
Fiatum exchange
Cards solution

Client-friendly design

For easy and comfortable work:

Quick payment initiation and processing
Real-time update (balance/exchange rate etc.)
Fair and transparent compliance


FIATUM Platfrom Features

All-in E-wallet with more than
20 crypto, card and 5 IBAN
accounts in various currencies
Reliable protection
of your instruments
Cross-chain platform: ERC20,
TRC20 and BSC networks
authentication (3FA)
1-minute start for our end
users and 1-day integration
for the white-label partners
We work with both end users,
investors and business partners
Total confidentiality
Self-developed Software

Offices and Licenses

We have offices in London,
Hong Kong, Moscow
and Vilnius.
We plan to open new offices
in Dubai, Miami, Toronto and
We have the UK AEMI with
Mastercard, UnionPay and Visa
principal membership for issuing
and acquiring as well as our own
IBAN's and SWIFT code.
We have Lithuanian and
Hong Kong licenses. Also,
we applied for Canadian,
Australian, Dubaian and
Floridian licenses.

If You are interested in
investing, we are the right
choice to do so

Our trading team has great expertise and skills, proven track record and internal
knowledge in order to successfully invest into Bitcoin, Ethereum and other instruments.
There are several options as stated below with short-term and long-term strategies
depending on what You wish. On the other hand, we grant loans to beginner entrepreneurs.


If You are young or professional entrepreneur
and looking for initial funding, we are happy
to provide a loan in crypto or fiat currency.


You can make a profitable short-term or long-term
deposit in crypto or fiat currency to earn on interest.
Our investment fund will ensure stable profit for You.

Blockchain & Listing

Our technical team is highly skilled at blockchain
technologies and can create own coin on any
blockchain within a few days. Also, we will list your coin at our crypto-financial platform to introduce You to the
Top-100 exchanges.

Our Team

The best team in the world, qualified
specialists, great prospects.
Chief Executive Office
Vlad Charman
Chief Executive Officer
Senior Lawyer
Iuliana Charman
Public Relations Specialist
Chief Marketing Officer
Sergiusz Ptanskij
Chief Marketing Officer
Senior Lawyer
Anastazja Valua
Senior Lawyer
Chief Operating Officer
Anastasia Amelij
Chief Operating Officer

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About FIATUM Project. General Information

Card issuing and e-wallet

Our FIATUM Token

API and Security. Competitors

Promotion and Referral Program

I would like to know everything that makes your project unique, what is your special feature?

Our special feature is our e-wallets which include cards and bank accounts. With us you can send, receive and deposit crypto and fiat. A card shall help you in your personal expenses. For example, you can exchange 1 ETH and get some EUR to your card and immediately go shopping.

Fiatum strives not only to fill an empty void in the crypto-market, but offers a competitive edge for all users who want to improve their experience with the digital currency. Unlike other crypto-financial platforms on the market, Fiatum uses its own self-developed solution which comes with the lowest fees in the industry and well-protected system. All of the aforementioned factors make Fiatum as the most attractive choice for investors and crypto enthusiasts around the globe.

Do you have some tech documentation where I can know more about your project?

All our tech documents, including Whitepaper and Tokenomics, you can find on our website “Documents” Section.

What would you consider to be your main market globally? What kind of plans do you have?

We want to become number one crypto-financial platform with fiat solution. Our coverage includes all countries except forbidden or black-listed ones. Our users are all-natural persons willing to open an e-wallet with us.

Nowadays, we start looking for regional partners who can be part of our team. So, any of our community member can become Fiatum’s partner. We regard our community as our strength source and want to maintain direct dialogue.

Another our desire is that we want our community to participate in Fiatum’s activities. For example, we plan to organize voting within the community on important matters and the community voice will be counted as one voice at the top management’s meetings. It means that the community will be some kind of collective director.

Are you working with all countries?

Despite the fact that we intend to be a global crypto player, we do not cooperate with the black-listed countries stated in our Blacklist (forbidden) and High-risk countries. If you are from high-listed country, be ready to pass our Enhanced Due Diligence according to our AML/KYC Policy.

The crypto-financial platform's team is working hard on making the system available in even more countries and tries to overcome legal difficulties in those countries which hinder the cryptosystem's evolution. All this work is done in order to provide the users with the best service.

Describe the goals of your project in simple words. What is your concept?

The main idea is that we provide an all-in e-wallet with a link to card and bank account. We understand that it's very convenient for any crypto user.

Our goals are:

  • to become one of the leading crypto-financial platform providing convenient and all-in crypto-fiat solution;
  • to pump up our token which is backed up by our unique product;
  • to develop regional offices in all major countries;
  • to gain very substantial liquidity on deposits and FIAT paired to BTC, USDT and ETH;
  • to prophet our idea to the whole world because we strongly believe our project is absolutely best.

How long have you been in this crypto field? How old is your project?

Fiatum crypto-financial platform is active since January 2021 but it's a part of financial group having principal membership of SWIFT, Mastercard and Visa. This group is active since 2015.

Does the project support staking? Do you plan integrating charity in your project?

We have plans on staking in November. In late autumn we are also planning to accept charity, loans to startups, etc.

When will it launch?

IEO launch is scheduled for late November on TOP-60 IEO platforms.

What languages do you support?

The main language of our website and telegram is English. Anyway, we have German, French, Spanish and Russian speakers, who can help with any issue. Just send your request to

Where can I request additional support?

Feel free to ask any questions by sending an email to

What cryptocurrencies do you accept?

Please see the full list below:


Where can I find your fees and commissions?

For your convenience, we put this information in one document “Tariffs” on the Fiatum website. If you need any further information regarding our tariffs, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email to

How can I issue your card?

You can order a debit card for free just write to We are ready to offer the first 10 000 new members a free crypto card! Currencies available now are USD, EUR, GBP. Moreover, you can request any currency and we may arrange it.

If I request a debit card what do I need to provide?

If you request a debit card you must provide a passport scan for the verification process. Additional information can be requested when passing our authentication. Please see our AML/KYC Policy.

What does your wallet do? Is it crypto-wallet or general?

It’s an all-in crypto-fiat wallet with crypto, card and bank accounts (both crypto and fiat currencies available). Basically, it means that any crypto user that previously had a bad experience with extracting funds to a card or a bank account is now able to easily and instantly exchange any crypto-currency, like BTC, ETH, USDT, etc., inside the e-wallet. So, you can send, receive and deposit crypto and fiat. Our card will help you with your personal expenses.

Can your wallet hold funds? What’s difference if I use verified bank instead of your platform?

Yes, you can keep fiat at a card or bank account. There are many reasons to stay with us. In other projects you can’t keep and exchange crypto within your wallet, their compliance is long and tedious. With Fiatum crypto-financial platform, you can keep your crypto and fiat in one place.

For example: you need to send USDT to your partner. But you only have EUR as a main currency. You must do difficult and lengthy manipulations in order to perform this transaction. With us, you just click the exchange button “EUR-USDT” and carry out the USDT payment.

Another example: you have USDT but your partner asks you to send EUR. In bank-bank system, you can’t perform it. With us, at a click of the exchange button “USDT-EUR” you are able to complete that transaction. End result: both parties are satisfied.

What is FIAT Token?

FIAT token was developed with a sole purpose to make everything easier, less time-consuming and much more convenient for everyday users. Powered by Fiatum crypto-financial platform’s ecosystem, it will be at the core of all Fiatum platform's operations to ensure that the payments are sent without any fees and at a click of a button, thus ensuring maximum efficiency, reliability and pocket-friendly experience.

What is FIAT token’s smart address?

The FIAT token is regulated through a smart-contract. The token’s smart contract address is 0x88cd0ea6d4b01abb82de1361323f5d4e6fabb80b.

Where can I find Roadmap and Tokenomics?

You can find the Roadmap, Tokenomics and other documents find on our website “Documents” Section.

What are the benefits of holding your token?

We forecast that our token will skyrocket within a relatively short period of time from few cents to almost 500 USD per token. Why? Because people need our product.

Talking about our token, FIAT was developed with a sole purpose to make everything easier, less time-consuming and much more convenient for everyday users. Powered by Fiatum crypto-financial platform’s ecosystem, it will be at the core of all Fiatum platform's operations to ensure that the payments are sent without any fees and at a click of a button, thus ensuring maximum efficiency, reliability and pocket-friendly experience.

The main goal is to encourage token holders to use it on regular basis and to expand Fiatum's userbase. Fiatum will also benefit and grow as a result of FIAT's presence on decentralized crypto exchanges. Due to the exponential growth of the crypto market, FIAT token offers a huge potential of increasing in value over time to its holders. The confidence that FIAT holds enables to state a claim that it will skyrocket in the near future. The reason for that is that the digital world is missing an all-in crypto-fiat bank solution which Fiatum offers.

Will FIAT Token increase in value? Will FIAT token make double or triple profit?

Since the FIAT is a volatile token which means that by buying it now below its normal price range is a good investment, because in just a few weeks it’ll cost higher than its normal price.

Many IEO platforms, exchanges and channels contact us to work with them. Due to the exponential growth of the crypto market, FIAT token offers a huge potential of increasing in value over time to its holders. The confidence that FIAT holds enables to state a claim that it will skyrocket in the near future. The reason for that is that the digital world is missing an all-in crypto-fiat solution which Fiatum offers.

Where are you planning to be listed and launched for IEO?

We will be listed at P2PB2B exchange on the 6th of December, where FIAT will be paired to BTC, ETH, USDT. Right now, Fiatum is engaged in signing a contract with a reputable IEO platform where investors can buy any amount of said tokens.

When will I receive FIAT?

When we receive your payment - we will send you FIAT at the same time.

Does your token work more like a tech token? Do you have any coin burn / buyback systems or any token burn plans to increase the value of token & attract Investors to invest?

Yes, we have the burn of 0.1%-0.5% depending on the volume. We will make a voting so the community will decide on the exact rate. Our unique thing is direct communication with our community. That being said, the community is a vital part of our project and we are eager to keep an active feedback appreciation. Buybacks are available from Standard package

What security measures of your platform ensure users assets don't become the target of hackers?

Fiatum crypto-financial platform's top tier security system leaves no doubts to its users about the safety of their possessions. The crypto-financial platform offers the following security measures: PCI DSS level 1 for cards, BitGO for crypto wallets and a three-factor authentication.

Does it work with exchange?

We have an API with Binance exchange. When we'll have enough liquidity, you can use our Treasure department and exchange crypto-crypto without OTC. Also, some exchanges are thinking to use our e-wallets or their end users.

Can it work without API?

Binance's API is extremely secure and safe. Right now, we have an API with good Binance exchange. When we'll have enough liquidity, you can use our Treasure dep and exchange crypto-crypto without OTC.

How are you better than your competitors? Why should I choose your project?

There are some competitors but the niche of crypto-financial platforms is pretty much empty. Our competitors usually use someone else’s solutions while we have own. It means the crypto-fiat exchanges processed faster. European and Asian financial companies with own SWIFT, MasterCard and so on. Thus, we have lowest fees at the market even compared to big competitors. Our competitors usually use someone else’s fiat solutions while we have our own. It means that the fees are much lower and the crypto-fiat exchanges are processed faster.

What strategy will be used to expand the community? Do you have partnership with any famous people/influencers?

We carry out active promotions at Telegram channels, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. We have several influencers and advertisers who help us attract more members.

The full set of our social profiles:

We also work with several TG channels like Bitcoin Industry. Another source is reputable websites, they actively post articles about our project like BSC Newspaper.

We advertise every day. At this moment we have at least 4 channels, having about 500K subscribers.

They are:

Who do I contact for marketing proposals?

You can contact @ITS_Fiatum or @Promo_Fiatum for promotion purposes in Telegram. If it is not convenient to you, just send your ADV Request to

How can I use your referral program?

In order to receive the referral bonus, please send an email to in the following way: "Hello! I have invited my friend [friend's email], I would like to receive my presale bonus. Thank you!"


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